About Us

Bud Plant & Hutchison Books specialize in fine illustrated and children's books as well as books on fantasy and comic art, artists, and other forms of pop culture. Find us online, by appointment, at selected west coast book fairs and conventions.


Both of us have been dedicated collectors since our early teens: Bud haunted the San Jose swap meet, riding there on his bike to find Golden Age comics in the early sixties; at about the same time, Anne was buying early Roberts Brothers editions of Lousia May Alcott classics back when they were priced a dollar or less.

A shared passion for classic and contemporary illustrated books brought us together 20 years ago and we combined our out of print businesses in 2007 when Bud's partner in Bud Plant Illustrated Books retired. Together we've worked book fairs and cons from San Diego Comic-Con to Houston to Boston ABAA and up and down the west coast.

We're still working on uploading photos of all the books on the site, so if you want to see a photo that isn't yet there, let us know and we'll prioritize that book.

As much as possible we reuse shipping materials to reduce our footprint. We haven't bought any bubble wrap in over a decade...any bubble wrap (or those water-soluble corn starch popcorns) that appear in your packaging is being recycled from incoming packages.